Tuesday, April 15, 2014

ORGANIZATION: Ending kid bookshelf clutter

We thought this bookshelf was the bomb at the time (from IKEA), but later realized that children's book storage can be tricky.  Backless shelves are a pain, the books slide down the back, and children's books are all different sizes, so you can straighten them daily and it still won't look nice most of the time.  Plus, those board books are so thick you can't store as many as you think.  

Here was our solution (found on special at Aldi, of all places).  Now, ALL of Gavin's books fit on the shelf, even those I had to keep on top of the shelf before.  Plus, it looks much more organized and less cluttery.  Win-win.

Shopping options for you follow the pictures below.



Low bench with shelves
Six cubby shelf

Cute numbered fabric option
Felt bin
Polka dot bin

Very similar to mine - another color
Wire basket

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