Monday, June 20, 2016

Maxi skirt and platforms, short girl heaven...

Top: Hugo Boss, thrifted (similar)
Skirt: Target (similar)
Shoes: Korkease (similar)
Bag: Ashley Brooke via DSW (similar)
Earrings: ebay (similar
Necklace: self-made (similar, similar)
Watch: Kenneth Cole (similar)

In my (near) obsession with pencil skirts, I always forget about my maxi skirts.  I own two (finding - or creating -the proper length and width can be a challenge when you're vertically challenged, so I don't have many), and they are hung with my dressier skirts, instead of folded with my knit pencil skirts.  Perhaps that's partly why I don't think of them, but when I do remember, it's a treat to feel all tall and swirly for a day, especially when I pair platforms and maxi together as one long and fancy-feeling combination.  On the practical side, since I am rather disgusted with needing tights in June in San Francisco, the long skirt warms my legs in the cool morning hours while I pretend it's summer here.  Then my tights can stay where they belong in June - put away!

Happy summer to those enjoying seasonable temperatures!

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