Monday, April 3, 2017

Off shoulder top and pom pom sandals

  (Squinty no-sunglasses face and all....)

(Snapped this photo as my neighbor was trying to walk by to his front door.  Guess I'm getting bolder at this photo-taking-regardless-of-situation thing?  I still cringe at the memory, but the picture turned out!)

Top: Forever 21 Contemporary, recent (exact)
Pants: LOFT, recent (exact in limited sizes left, similar) Pants reviewed in this post
Sandals: Forever 21 with DIY pom moms sewn on (exact sandals, exact pom poms, similar sandals with pom poms already sewn on)
Bag: Fratelli Roselli, thrifted (save, spend)
Watch: MVMT via ebay (almost exact)
Earrings: Jewelry booth in Madison WI (similar)
Lipstick: NYC soft matte lip cream in Milan (exact)

Spring has sprung here, and I have to make the most of it before the gloomy late-spring and all summer days come (Seriously, I often have to wear black tights - in June -  so I'm not kidding about enjoying these days!).  

I've been looking for a moderate version of an off-shoulder top for a long time now.  I suppose you could even say it's been on my "bucket wardrobe list" - items that are not urgently needed, but would be a good addition to any wardrobe (see this post for more on that).  I tried a few last summer,  but nothing worked out.  I finally realized that it's all about the sleeve cut for me.  With a larger bust, I need a more tailored sleeve with this neckline, not a loose or ruffly bell sleeve.  I tried on several this spring, mostly at Forever 21, and after many fails, I found this one. They didn't have my size in the store, only the size too big and size too small (and I still think this large is a bit roomy, but if it doesn't shrink when washed I'll take the sides in a little bit), so I ordered what I thought would be my size online when there was a free shipping offer.  I also tried on this style in that order, but it just ran too small and I decided to just return it rather than try the larger size.  I only need one blue striped, off-shoulder shirt....  If I was in the market, this style would definitely be worth trying on, however.

Although Gavin is definitely not a fan of this shirt - for some reason the off-shoulder offends his fashion sensibilities somehow, the first time he saw it he paused and said "I think there's something wrong with that shirt, Mom", then he's always trying to push it up onto my shoulder when I do wear it - I'm quite looking forward to it being in heavy rotation during warm weather this year.  We're heading to San Diego for spring break next week, and this outfit will be at the heart of my travel wardrobe, along with a few other variations that include shorts for the even warmer weather expected there.

What's your favorite new fashion item for this spring and summer?  Do share!

It seems that this striped off shoulder top is this spring's must-have item.  There are so many cute options, you're sure to find one you like.  I had try try on many before I found one I liked - here are some options for you to try, as well as some already made pom pom sandals:

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