Saturday, April 30, 2016

Non-fashion traveling...

I haven't yet mentioned that my family was going on a volunteer trip to Ecuador for 6 weeks and that I probably wouldn't be posting any outfit photos during that time.  Perhaps I was optimistic that the practical, non-fashiony and not even well-fitting clothes I was packing would miraculously transform themselves into cute, photo-worthy outfits.  Not so much.  

Perhaps more later on the reason for the trip, the reason for the goofy clothing needed, etc. but for now, here are some gorgeous pictures of this beautiful country to enjoy along with this update.  And there's one sort of fashiony photo that shows skirts in the market (one of which I will buy during this trip, wear in San Francisco, and photograph for this blog).

Street scenes from Cuenca, Ecuador:

The river that splits Cuenca:

Cuenca clothes market:

Cuenca food market:

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