Monday, September 14, 2015

OUTFIT: Back to the bib (scarf, that is)


Top: Gap (similar)
Scarf: thrifted (similar)
Skirt: Old Navy (similar)
Shoes: Cole Haan (exact) (reviewed this post)

Does anyone else remember wearing their scarves like this in the 80's?  Guess I'm dating myself....  But it is a great way to add a layer to an outfit without too much added heat (perfect for transition weather), and it works well for those oddly shaped larger square scarves that can be hard to style.  This particular silk beauty is one of my all-time favorite thrift shop buys.  It also comes with the memory of my one "mommy's day off" this summer, so it gives me that feeling every time I wear it.  Which is a bit of an unexpected bonus!

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