Thursday, January 8, 2015

OUTFIT: Color mixology - orange and burgundy

And, the best one for last...  My monkey boy and his favorite boots!:

Activity: Volunteer ministry

Scarf: Johnston and Murphy (similar, similar colors)
Sweater: thrifted (similar)
Tee: Lands' End (exact)
Skirt: Athleta (similar)
Tights: Merona (exact type)
Boots: Calvin Klein via ebay (similar)
Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren (similar)
Earrings: old (similar)

Thank goodness for my husband's new scarf!  I've had both of the main elements of this outfit, sweater and skirt, for a while, but never would have thought to pair them together until my hubby found this great scarf over the weekend.  Don't you love surprise wardrobe inspirations?

PS Check out this post for other ways I've worn this sweater!  I guess preparing that post gave me fresh ideas for this sweater!

(And if my mom thinks my smile is "too flirty", I apologize.  It's really hard to take pictures of yourself, worse to have to look at and choose which ones to use, and even more horrible to post them for the public.  If my expressions are goofy, so be it...)

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