Friday, January 2, 2015

WARDROBE RECAP: Bright sweater, 4 ways

I have a love-hate relationship with brights.  I'm usually attracted to neutrals, but then every once in a while I look at my bland wardrobe and suddenly hate everything.  Have you ever experienced that?  I also tend to think that neutral = versatile when I'm shopping, so I avoid anything too bright, thinking it won't be as useful.  Yet, every so often I come across a colorful piece I can't deny.  This sweater, in particular, was a thrift shop buy last spring - yes, spring, when I normally refuse to buy any heavy items that will sit in my closet until fall.  I just couldn't resist the super soft knit, and like-new quality of this sweater.  And, thankfully, I have been glad I bought it, over and over again.

The lesson?  If something really does speak to you, especially if the price is right, you might want to give it a try!  For me, I so rarely truly LOVE a piece, that when I'm really attracted to something, without thinking, "I wish it was in this color", or "I wish it had [x] detail", or "I wish it didn't have [x] detail", I am more likely to go for it.

As I mentioned in a recent wardrobe recap post, looking back at how I styled an item helps me think of new ways to wear it.  For example, now I'm wondering why I never tried this sweater with skinny jeans, brown suede tall boots and my brown wool paisley scarf (Hello, outfit for the Fort Worth cattle drive tomorrow!).  Or with distressed light wash jeans and leopard print heels? Or why have I not tried this sweater with a chambray shirt??  (Can't wait to play in my closet soon....)

The description above each photo links to the original post, which includes outfit details.

With jeans and ankle boots:

With a floral pencil skirt and heels:

With a neon yellow pencil skirt, tamed by navy:

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