Sunday, January 11, 2015

WHAT TO WEAR: Winter airplane trip

Activity: Flight from Wisconsin to Texas - outside temps ranging from 10-30 F)

Sweater: thrifted (similar color and style, similar style)
Shirt: LOFT (exact, mine is petite)
Jeans: LOFT (exact)
Boots: Bussola (exact)
Scarf: army-navy store (similar)
Bag: Ashley Brooke via DSW (similar)
Hat: Stetson (similar)

Obviously this outfit could be worn for many different occasions.  I just wore it this past week, in fact, for a family fun day. But, I titled my post this way because I did find this to be an effective formula for air travel during cold weather, and thought I would share why.  

Clearly, you would normally need a top layer for this outfit in freezing weather (it was a high of 15 degrees F in Wisconsin the day I wore this).  Since I was traveling from my current home in Texas, to my hometown in Wisconsin, where I have stored all my really cold weather gear, I didn't need to bring a coat - I already had one there.  Then, I chose not to wear that really warm coat on the way back to Texas- so it will be in Wisconsin for the next visit, and because a big down coat would be a liability for most of the trip, since airports are well-heated.  You can decide how you would need to do things for your trip.  You could always pack your big coat in your suitcase if you needed to carry it on the trip, but didn't need to wrestle with it during your travels...

Those details out of the way, here's what I liked about this outfit (and plan to recreate when I next travel): 

1. This sweater is really thin, but really warm, so it's a great layer when you get cold in flight.  Try something with angora or wool and you'll stay cozy without a lot of bulk.  

2. The cut of the sweater was ideal - long in front to almost become a blanket when seated, but shorter in back so it didn't interfere with sitting comfortably.  There are quite a few "waterfall" sweaters cut like this out right now (here, here and here), you might want to try one.  

3.  Layers - I could wear or carry the scarf or hat, depending on the temperature at the moment (I get hot schlepping things around the airport, then cold once we're in flight.  4.  The hat made my ridiculously early flight time possible - no worries about whether I was having a good hair day or not!

4. Low boots - much easier than tall boots for getting through security, and more comfortable for sitting for long periods in the car or plane.  Plus, these were so versatile for my winter trip, they were the ONLY shoes I needed - they looked great with jeans, or dressed up with a skirt.  Mine are SO comfortable, and have a rubber sole for safety in icy conditions, so they are stylish and practical.

5.  Subtly patterned top - hides any travel grime or spills.  Or maybe you're neater than me.  Congratulations.  

6. Legging jeans - more stretch = more comfort.  Win-win.

Happy travels!

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