Saturday, March 4, 2017

Thrifted style

Sweater: Talbots via ebay (similar on salesimilar more sizes)
Tee: Pendleton via ebay (similar)
Jeans: Kut from the Kloth, thrifted (similar)
Shoes: Cole Haan via ebay (similar)
Bag: Handmade, thrifted (similar)
Earrings: thrifted (similar)
Watch: Citizen (borrowed from hubby) (similar)
Lipstick: Revlon "Certainly Red" (exact)

I've sometimes wondered when my thrifted wardrobe would so overtake my regularly purchased wardrobe that every item I was wearing was thrifted.  Today was the day!  Each item I'm wearing, from head to toe (other than my borrowed watch and my bra and underwear, obviously...) is thrifted, whether via eBay or from a thrift shop (my usual favorite in my current area is Goodwill).

Anyway, the newest item seen here is this blazer-style camel sweater with fringe details.  On my bucket list of clothing wants has always been a fringed edge blazer (although I always kind of wanted a tweedy Chanel-look version, which I may still find sometime in the future), as well as a camel blazer.  But, while I love the look of a classic wool camel blazer, it doesn't fit my lifestyle all that much.  I would really only wear it for my volunteer work or meetings for worship, or perhaps in a dressy casual "going-out" look (which happens very rarely).  So, when I saw this sweater blazer version, that included the fringed edges, it seemed like it checked enough boxes to for me to bid on it.  I'm glad I did!  I think I'll get much more use out of it than a wool blazer.

Another recent wish list item found are these mules.  They seem to be very popular for this spring, and in this color, I think I'll wear them a lot.  I'll include some options for you to buy below, if you're also looking for this item.  It seems like a great transitional option for spring while it's too cool for sandals, but you're done with boots.  I'd love a red pair!

As for these gray jeans, I love the light color for spring - I'm over colored denim, but this just feels neutral to me.  I'm planning to fringe the hem myself, since I'd like them a little shorter anyway.  I'm going to try this tutorial, I'll let you know how it turns out!  

And here are some other things I've got my eye on:

-I never did find an off shoulder blouse I liked last year, but this one is pretty cute-I tried it on in store and will think about it...  It runs a bit large, so size down if you're between sizes.

-This is another distinct possibility in the cold-shoulder blouse category...

-This spring, I'm really feeling the French fashion vibe of using classic wardrobe items with a cool twist added (similar to this outfit), so white tees are definitely on my wish list.  I like this one and this one right now...

Below are some options if you're interested in any of these wardrobe items!

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