Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My friend said I should blog this outfit... ;)


Occasion (worn as shown in first photo): Volunteer ministry work (involving walking, hence the flats and cross-body bag)

Dress: via eBay (similar)
Jacket: Old Navy (similar)
Belt: Gap (similar)
Sandals: Tod's, thrifted (similar)
Flats: Crown Vintage via DSW (similar)
Basket bag: thrifted (similar)
Crossbody bag: Linea Pelle, thrifted (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors via ebay (similar)
Earrings: Ann Taylor (exact in red, similar in black)
Lipstick: NYX soft matte lip cream in Milan (exact)

Some of my California friends have recently discovered that I have a blog via my blog Instagram account (@joannasdesign - I haven't figured out how to link it directly from my blog home page yet...).  I find this slightly embarrassing, because I always feel a little vain taking and posting photos of myself, something I have always avoided in my personal social media accounts - and, being honest, since I'm way older than social media, something I've avoided since well, forever.  I just never took pictures of myself, or at least, very rarely.  I was famous for complaining about people who always had to stand in front of the famous tourist attractions and take a photo.  To me, the photo should be about the attraction, not about me.  My artistic integrity was offended.  (Yes, I was super fun to be around in my late teens). 

I once went on a 3000 mile road trip with 3 other girls across at least 5 states, and I was the main photographer.  We passed through all kinds of picturesque sights, things that none of us had ever seen before, and in some cases, haven't seen again. We took enough pictures that it took $60 each to develop and print each person's set of photos (yes, again, I am older than dinosaurs).  I suppose it was about 6 rolls of film? maybe more? I only remember the amount we paid, not the number of rolls we developed - but guess how many pictures had people in them? Maybe 10.  Out of like 200 prints.  I'm pretty sure my friends were a little miffed that they paid all that money for prints of mostly scenery (not that I forced them too, they wanted them - remember this was back in the day when you couldn't see your photos until they were printed, so they had no idea what pictures I had taken).  But not me.  I was thrilled that I had so many scenic shots, shots not ruined by people standing in front of them.  

More than twenty years later, the pictures from that trip that I enjoy looking at most are primarily those few shots with people in them.  Live and learn, right? (I am also much more fun to be around now, I promise you.)  Although I don't think a world of only selfies is a good one, it's all about the balance.

So a reeeeeally long story later, here's the point.  My friend has discovered my blog, and this morning told me I should blog the outfit I was wearing.  (I love you, Evy!) I had considered it, but since I blogged a similar outfit using this dress in the past (here), I was going to skip it this time.  But, although I don't blog every outfit I wear in life here (mostly because I just don't get a chance to take photos), I do like the idea of being more true to life with OOTD-type photos, versus planned outfits taken only for blog photos, which so many fashion blogs seem to be becoming.  They are still beautiful (far more so than my blog will ever be), but really seem fake to me.  It's also really not useful to me in my daily struggle to get dressed, which was the initial reason I even started reading fashion blogs in the first place.  So, if you like this outfit post, thank my friend Evy.  

By the way, since most of you probably don't live in a place where you need a coat layer in August, I added the additional photos of the dress unlayered, with sandals, as would be appropriate for the season.  I was also thinking that the differences in these outfits show 2 possibilities: 1) how to transition this dress to fall, and 2) how versatile a dress like this can be when traveling.  Change out the flats and cross-body bag after sightseeing all day and you're ready for an evening out!

Out of curiosity, why do you read fashion blogs?  I'd love to hear!

Here are some similar outfit options for you:






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