Friday, August 4, 2017

Trying a kimono robe layer...

Activity: Meeting for worship

Kimono: Josie by Natori via ebay (similar)
Tank: Nordstrom Rack (similar)
Skirt: thrifted (similar)
Shoes: Merona, thrifted (similar)
Bracelet: gift (similar)
Earrings: similar sterling silver hoops
Bag: Ann Taylor, thrifted (similar)

Hair: On its own cycle of craziness - I tried to rein it in and failed...

Here's my shameful secret: I got this robe to use as a robe.  But, with the long kimono sleeves (which I didn't realize it possessed, based on the limited listing photos), it's pretty impractical, at least for someone like me who drags even small robe sleeves in the gas stovetop flame while making eggs in the morning. Flaming sleeves, regardless how cute, really don't appeal to me, so I thought I might be brave enough to try to wear it as a summer layer.  It seems like the "robe layer" styles being worn now are primary florals, and mostly longer, but this seemed to have potential, since it does have some flowers, and seeing as how at my height, I will probably never wear a long robe length layer.  Shorter length would have to do.

It took a while to get up the nerve.  I had initially seen myself wearing it with jeans and sandals, as a fun, casual going-out outfit, but well, I don't go out that much, and it just sat in the closet.  (Large sleeves aren't really practical playing at the park with a six year old, nor partaking in most other small-child- friendly activities.)  So, one Sunday, I decided to see if I could make it appropriate for a dressier, decidedly non-sexy occasion.  

As I attempted this outfit (which I still haven't yet decided is a pass or fail - it's definitely not my favorite outfit ever), I learned several things.  First, with a layer this bold, everything else has to be really simple.  So I went with really minimalist, simple silver jewelry and a sleek satchel bag.  And kept the skirt and top just basic black and white and more fitted to offset the crazy large robe and sleeves.  I thought of wearing my emerald green skirt, but it was just too much color, at least for that occasion.  I also stayed away from stiletto heels, as possibly adding too much sensuality for the occasion.  I thought these wedges toned that element down (plus they're so much more comfortable than stilettos!).  When you are literally wearing a bedtime item for a dressy, daytime event, you don't want anything else in your outfit to reflect the bedroom.

So there you have it.  My big, bold (ha - only for me!) foray into the fashion world of trying a robe as a top layer.  

I'd love to see if you've tried it!  Leave a photo or blog post link below!

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