Saturday, February 21, 2015

OUTFIT: Orange sweater again, y'all!

Activity: Volunteer ministry

Sweater: thrifted (similar)
Tee: Lands' End (exact)
Skirt: thrifted (similar)
Boots: Costume International via ebay (similar)
Bag: Cole Haan via Nordstrom Rack (similar)
Earrings: craft fair (similar)

I'm on an orange sweater kick, I guess! (See this post, this post, this one and this post which included 4 ways I wore this sweater.)  Of course, it could be the cold weather, and that this is the one warm sweater I brought with me...  But, it does prove that sometimes a brightly colored item can be as versatile as a neutral one, a lesson I often forget.

If you have a bright orange item, you might hesitate about what colors to wear with it, but here are my observations: 1. Orange looks great with all shades of blue, from cobalt to baby (see above photos, plus this post and this post). 2. Brown is a great counterpoint to orange, as opposed to black, which can appear garish overly contrasting (this post). 3. If you're feeling bold, orange and maroon marry very well (this post), or try orange and citron (this post).  I'm even thinking orange and khaki would look nice for summer, if I find a summer weight top in a shade of orange, plus orange and navy would be fresh for spring or summer.

Inspired to pull out your orange item again?

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