Monday, March 9, 2015

My Spring 2015 purchases

Spring is almost here!  I feel even more excited this year than usual, maybe because it's my first early spring in a milder climate.  We've already had tantalizing tastes of spring in some beautiful 70-80 degree days thrown in here and there during January and February, so I can't wait!  As I have been lately, and especially with my current traveling lifestyle, I'm trying to be very conscious of each purchase I make, and considering if there's anything I could get rid of as I bring a new item in.  (I'm definitely not ready for a capsule wardrobe yet, but I may get there in time - or at least my version of a capsule-ish wardrobe...)

Here's what I've purchased over the past couple of months or so, as well as my wish list for the few things I'm still seeking.  My color cravings appear to be blush and light blue, along with light neutrals like gray and khaki.  Quite the opposite of my normal deep, dark colors, so it promises to be an interesting season for me, color-wise!


Pink peplum top (mine is similar to the one pictured, purchased from Nordstrom Rack) - Blush is my new favorite color, although I'm rarely brave enough to actually wear it.  (Partially because I hang with a messy 4 year old, and also because I hadn't found lighter colored bottoms to wear with it to get the look I'm seeking.)  I'm going to try to be braver this spring!  Shirts are washable, right?

Gray sleeveless shell (I found mine at TJ Maxx last week- it has a scalloped bottom, but is very similar to the one pictured).  I've been into gray for a while now, this pale version is just right to use on into spring.  Can't wait to pair it with my white blazer.

Dark indigo boyfriend chambray shirt (exact available!) - It fits!  Button-down shirts and I have a love-hate relationship.  I love how versatile they are, and how well other stylish ladies wear them, but because of my larger bust and smaller shoulders, button-downs usually fit one or the other - huge and baggy in the shoulders and fitting the bust, or properly fitted on the shoulders and tight and gaping at the bust.  This one, probably because it's designed to be a roomier "boyfriend" fit, works at the bust.  Bonus, because the shoulder is a drop shoulder (which I usually don't like, but works on this style), it looks relaxed without having a huge square shoulder sticking out past the natural shoulder.  I had been wanting a dark chambray shirt to add to my collection for a while, I'm excited to pair this one with white capris.


Khaki pencil skirt (exact available - on sale) - I love this skirt!  I found it a month or so ago from Sierra Traders Company (one of my favorite discount retailers).  It's well-made, although I ordered the larger of my two usual sizes and was glad I did, it's quite fitted through the hips and thighs, so keep that in mind if you're ordering for yourself.  What says spring (and summer, when I plan to continue to rock this skirt) more than khaki?  So versatile.

Relaxed denim shorts (exact available) - These are my "okay to go in public" lounge shorts.  They haven't arrived yet, but I'm hoping they will be just right for hanging out at home, but still decent for running outside to play or for errands.  Those are the kind of wardrobe items I need most.

Gray pencil skirt (mine is from Old Navy, and is slightly lighter than the version pictured) - Gray has been my go-to this winter, and I'm continuing into the spring.  The version I bought is more charcoal gray than I wanted, but I'll keep looking for a true pale gray (almost that classic sweats color).  I just needed something to get away from black.


Delicate arrow bracelet (as pictured, similar to mine) - I love how delicate this is.  I had been in a chunky watch and "statement jewelry" phase, but this is so wearable, and should be comfortable to wear, even if it's hot out.

Tough arrow earrings (as shown - mine are a vintage Navajo pair from the 1970s) - I'm not sure if it's because I'm living in Texas, and have been going to cowboy events, but I'm really feeling the turquoise, "Western" thing right now.  I doubt that's a current trend, but I'm okay with that.  

Delicate blush-colored geode necklace (similar - one shown above isn't available anymore) - This is another simple item that adds so much style to an outfit, and it's comfortable to wear.  I've worn it already much more than I expected.  

Gray satchel (exact) - This is the key to completing my "light and bright" plans for spring.  I've been wanting a tan or gray bag for a while, and when I saw this one at a great price at TJ Maxx last week, I had to go for it.  I know I have lots of bags, but NOTHING in a lighter color, and this type of textured leather should theoretically be hard to stain (Can you tell I'm a slob?).  So. excited. about. this. bag....


Chambray cargo jacket (exact) - I've been drooling over various bloggers outfits using cargo jackets for a while, but when I saw this light blue chambray version (on 40% sale), I finally pulled the trigger.  I decided to go with the light blue because I already have several olive colored blazers, as well as an olive cargo vest, so I thought this would be different from what I already have.

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