Sunday, March 22, 2015

OUTFIT: Chambray cargo jacket and lace tee

Activity: Downtown park day with (lots of) kids

Jacket: Old Navy (exact)
Shirt: J. Crew Factory (exact)
Pants: LOFT (exact)
Bag: Marc Jacobs (similar)
Boots: Bussola (similar)
Earrings: ebay (similar)

These photos were taken at the end of a long day that included 2 train rides, a trolley ride, 2 walks to train stations, playing at a park, enjoying food truck fare, touring a large art museum (most with 5 children) and... several... brutal... 4 year old... very public... tantrums.  Sigh.  So, those rosy cheeks were earned honestly, with lots of hard work.  Thankfully, though, that outfit did take me through my long and varied day.  What more could I ask?

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