Thursday, March 12, 2015

OUTFIT: Spring layers (and ode to the taupe cross body)

Activity: Casual day errands

Jacket: Gap, thrifted (similar)
Tee: W by Wilt (exact)
Skirt: Athleta (similar)
Shoes: Sperry (similar)
Bag: vintage Coach via ebay (similar)
Earrings: vintage Navajo via ebay (similar)

I'm personally not really into the denim jacket with jeans thing (although others do it very well).  Since casual days are often an opportunity for me to be able to wear my jeans (something I can't do all that often), sometimes my trusty denim jacket gets less wear than it deserves.  Pairing it with a pencil skirt was a comfortable, versatile option I think I'll try again - especially this spring when you really need light layers.

And, can I give some love to this little bag?  I have mentioned my little ebay habit of buying used Coach bags in the past, and I was thinking I had maybe gone a bit overboard with yet another one (but it was such a deal!).  However, it's been much more useful than I expected!  The color is perfect for spring, and since it's a cross-body, it won't get set on things and get dirty as easily as a larger light colored bag could (Have you noticed how much I mention stains with anything light colored?  Call me a slob...).  Plus, although I do have many bags, it's great to have a tiny cross body to throw on that just holds my phone and wallet when I'm just running out of the house quickly to grab one thing at the grocery store.  I used to just carry my wallet and phone, but then your hands aren't free.  This is so practical - definitely a valuable addition to my little stable of bags.  (Or the irrational justifications of a bag junkie.  I can't decide.)

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