Wednesday, March 11, 2015

OUTFIT: Purple and mustard.... (and one year blog anniversary!)

Activity: Meeting for worship

Top: thrifted (similar)
Skirt: J. Crew (exact in current colors)
Heels: Luxury Rebel, thrifted (similar)
Trench: Forever 21 (similar)
Bag: Ashley Brooke via DSW (similar)
Bracelet: JC Penney, old (similar)
Earrings: ebay (similar)

I was trying to find the right post for my one-year blogging anniversary.  I've taken quite a few outfit photos lately, but they haven't turned out well enough to qualify.  I like this one because I think it exemplifies some of the growth of the past year.  Would I have worn purple and mustard together a year ago?  I really doubt it.  Would I have felt comfortable taking photos of myself?  Undoubtably no.  These photos were even taken while my husband was nearby (usually I have to be alone and out of sight of others or I get nervous and can't do it), but I dealt with it and did what I had to do.  Progress, people.  Progress.

What will this next year hold?  I know it will hold living in a new state (at least one, probably 2 or 3). I'm hoping I will keep my current healthy eating habits and continue to feel and look better.  And I'm hoping to make some internal improvements of my outlook and attitude.  And, maybe I'll learn a new blogging trick or two...

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