Saturday, July 12, 2014

OUTFIT: Road trip

What to wear on a road trip where the morning temperature will be in the 60s, then you'll fry or freeze on the long car drive depending on the sun and air conditioning, only to arrive in an shadeless desert in the late evening?  This was my choice, and I was happy with it (don't you love it when that happens?).  Natural fibers (I find they're more comfortable to wear for a long period) and comfortable silhouettes - comfy linen shorts, cotton tank top and stretch cotton denim jacket.  The layering options worked well, as I sat in various spots of the car during the day and had different environments for each.  Flip flops (or some other kind of slip on sandal) would have been a bit more practical for easy on and off, but I decided to add at least small one element of style, plus these sandals are more comfortable than flip flops for me.

I also found the small cross-body bag (which I had inside of a larger car-trip bag that contained my entertainment options - books, Kindle, iPod, headphones, charging accessories) to be useful to corral my really needed items (sunglasses, wallet, lip balm) during the trip, but especially for when we quickly exited for bathroom/meal breaks.  I plan to organize similarly for our next trip, since it seemed to work so well.  Yay, organization!  Once in a while I achieve it...

Activity: 11 hour road trip

Jacket: Gap (similar)
Tank: not sure (similar)
Shorts: Old Navy, refashioned to remove cuffs (easier to wash and not need to iron cuffs) (exact)
Shoes: Ciao Bella via Piperlime (similar)
Bag: Coach (similar)

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