Friday, July 25, 2014

OUTFIT: Seersucker and leopard

This is so not my favorite photo (and the others were heinous and I spared you all their horror by deleting them immediately), but I thought the outfit was something I hadn't tried before.  The colors of the leopard scarf and the brown/white seersucker jacket are similar, and stripes and leopard are an easy "no-brainer" pattern mix to try.  I thought I'd play off the black in the leopard scarf with a black pencil skirt, instead of my usual bright pencil skirt and blazer combo.  Not the most creative, but a combo I hadn't ever made before.

I wish you could see the maroon and black cap-toe shoes better in the photo, but that added another hint of depth, adding the maroon to the black/brown/white color combination.  I also carried my neon yellow bag (what else, right?), but didn't get that in these photos.

Scarf: ebay (similar)
Tee: Lands' End (exact)
Jacket: thrifted (similar)
Skirt: Gap (similar)
Shoes: J. Crew (similar)
Earrings: Pearl studs (similar)

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