Sunday, July 13, 2014

Camping packing tips (mid-summer edition)

Layering options
1 jacket (denim)
1 cotton button-up top (red/black/blue plaid)
1 cotton scarf (black/white pattern)

3 cotton tees (black, navy, black marled print)
2 tanks (black cotton, gray performance fabric)
1 tank with built-in bra (for modest sleeping, since we were sharing a camper with others)

1 capri (blue cotton blend)
3 shorts (blue linen for travel, gray cotton for lounging, maroon microfiber for activity)
1 skort (gray microfiber for activity)
1 pair sweat pants (red cotton for sleeping/lounging)
1 skirt (I didn't end up wearing this, but packed it just in case we found a meeting for worship or could go out for dinner one night.  I would still bring it again.)

2 hats (gray cap, olive sunhat)
1 swim suit (black)
4 pair undies (quick dry microfiber)
2 bras (black, nude)
2 pairs hiking socks
1 pair earrings (blue studs)
1 sports watch

Hiking boots
Pleather sandals (for a touch of style, but nothing fancy, we were camping, after all.  Might choose to skip these next time)
Flip flops (for showering/lounging)
Should have added:  Keen sandals (for hiking across the stream with a super fast current)

* I knew I would be doing laundry half-way through the trip, so I could pack lighter than I normally would

This packing plan worked really well for me, and I will use it again.  For once I wasn't way overpacked, and everything fit into one pretty small workout-type bag.  For simplicity in outfits, I tried to keep (within reason) everything in one color palette of red, black, gray, and blue, with simple, graphic patterns that could work together.  The only thing I might add for next time is another performance tank and another performance short, only because of the heat and our activity level limited re-wearing options once I had already done laundry, especially since I would have had room in my bag for those two small items.   

Do you have any packing tips to share?  I'd love to hear them.  Happy camping!

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