Thursday, July 17, 2014

Packing for a summer road trip and/or camping trip

So, I promised more thoughts on road trip and camping travel and packing.  So, if you're into that, read on.  If not, we won't judge, just wait for the next post, when we'll get back to more normal outfit photos. 

Doesn't it seem like you always realize what it would have been nice to bring or use during your trip (when you don't have it), but then you promptly forget the next time you're packing for a trip?  Maybe I'm the only one, but I know I'm planning to reference this post next time I go camping or road tripping.  Maybe I won't remember every single thing I could possibly want, but this should give me a fighting chance!

Here's a complete photo packing list from my last camping trip (add on your undies, bras, socks and shoes - see this post for more details)

Now here's how you'll use these items for the road trip:


What to wear:
-Comfy bottoms in natural fabric like cotton or linen
-Tee or tank in cotton
-Light layers: denim jacket, cotton button-up shirt, large cotton scarf (that can double as a blanket during car naps)
-Comfortable slip on shoes or sandals (you could just use your shower flip flops)

What to bring (see photo below):
-Larger bag packed with trip entertainment basics (books, magazines, tablet, charging cords/plugs, headphones)
-Smaller cross-body bag with essentials (wallet, phone, lip balm, sunglasses) that fits into larger bag.  You can just grab this smaller bag for quick gas, potty or food breaks.
-Small pillow (to use with your scarf "blanket" for naps)
-You may want to bring some hair bands to put your hair up.  I always need those close at hand.


What to bring (see photo below):
-Small toiletry bag with skin care basics and travel shower items (shampoo, conditioner, body wash - this might be a good time to try face cleansing wipes so you could avoid having to re-use a washcloth each day)
-Travel towel
-OPTIONAL: Basic makeup: mascara, tinted moisturizer or foundation, tinted lip balm
-Larger bag that holds toiletry bag, towel and change of clothes as you walk to the bathroom/showers (I recommend a non-leather and non-valuable bag for this - nothing that can't get wet or sit on a damp shower room floor if needed.)

What to wear:
For active days:
Wear your performance fabric gear - quick dry shorts and tank.  You'll be glad not to be damp 1 hour into your hike, plus if you need to wash them out before the next wearing, they'll dry faster than cotton fabrics.

For showering: 
Don't forget your rubber flip flops!  You will not want your bare feet touching those shower floors.  I forgot to bring those to the shower once during our last trip.  Ew.

For sleeping, lounging or traveling:
I like to stick to natural fibers when I'll be wearing them for a long period, and wearing them multiple times before washing them.  They seem more comfortable to me, and get less stinky.  So I bring a pair of knit cotton shorts and a pair pants for lounging and sleeping (I use whichever one the weather dictates at the moment).  This time I also wore a pair of linen/cotton blend shorts for the traveling one way, then a pair of light cotton/poly blend capris for the way home.  The capris seemed more comfortable to sit/sleep on the leather seats for the 24 hours straight we drove home.  Better than skin sticking to the seats!

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