Thursday, March 27, 2014

IDEA GAL: Kitchen curtains

Another quick curtain solution.  (Here's my previous, more comprehensive blog about that topic).  I'm not a huge fan of valances (just my personal preference), but besides the look, they're not functional.  I wanted something that would actually cover my window when needed, but would look a bit more structured than a fabric curtain.  Solution?  Three parts:

1) A tension rod between the cabinets (mainly because we couldn't bear to put holes in the new woodwork we had just stained, finished and installed, but it would also be great for a rental home),
 2) clip rings attached to the rod,
3) a wood blind hung sideways.  I removed the hardware and strings and attached what was originally the side of the blind to the clip rings.

I like how it looks, and feel like it was a somewhat creative solution to my curtain challenge. Still working on the solution to my other kitchen window (which is tall and narrow).  I originally hung a matching blind the way it was intended, but when I retrofit the blind with "child-safe" blind cords, it stopped functioning and we had to toss it.  Then I decided I didn't want something with long strings on it due to my son.  So, we're still working on that one!  I'll post as soon as I solve that challenge.

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