Wednesday, March 19, 2014

REPURPOSE: Men's shorts to boy's pillow

I have a bit of a problem getting rid of things.  There's always a project to be done with it, right?  So I should save it, right?  Well, that's my own personal issue, but sometimes it does come in handy.  In this case, my husband was ready to donate his shorts, and I thought it might make a fun pillow cover for my son's upcoming "big boy" room.  I think it turned out pretty well.  Details follow on how I did it (not a super great tutorial this time, next time I'll think to do in progress pictures for the blog as I do a project).


 H&M Cargo shorts


 Front view

Back view

Finishing detail

I had a 12 inch square down pillow form from another room, so I just traced out a 13 inch square on the shorts with chalk, cut it out, sewed 3 sides together, and inserted the pillow form.  I decided to go the lazy route on the edge this time, it's just pre made binding cut to fit and hand sewn on the edge.  Not my best work, but does the job.  My favorite part is how the shorts seam make all sides of the pillow interesting - and the pocket works so G can store one special treasure there.

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