Tuesday, March 11, 2014


So, I have wanted a blog for SO SO long, but held off for many reasons.  But I’m just the kind of nerdy person who loves a pretty place to save my ideas and thoughts for future - reference, I guess.  The first fashion blog I ever followed was this one this one, then I gradually started looking at others (KendiAudrey, Merrick ).  But, I think I really started to think a blog was a realistic goal for me after reading Grace's’s blog.  I don’t think I can ever be as witty and clever as her, but I think I saw the possibilities of just starting a small blog as a contact for family and friends, that perhaps could grow to something resembling one or more of  several things - a social outlet, creative opportunity, and a place to vent about the crazy fun that is child rearing.

I have always been creative, and truly enjoy the chance to make something better.  I haven’t always had the budget or opportunity to make something truly great or “perfect”, but you know what?  There’s already lots of venues for perfection.  This ain’t it, folks. If you have Martha Stewart’s budget and tastes, you’re probably reading the wrong blog…

I don’t think I’m the only one who deals with limits- budget, time, even what is possible (or realistic) in our current home.  I think I’ve made some positive changes with what I have, so I hope someone might enjoy seeing how I did it and maybe could be inspired to do the same in their home.  I’m the type of person who misses home design shows Design on a Dime and Trading Spaces because those shows didn’t just show you a pretty finished product, but they showed you how to do something and what it would cost (on a budget).  That’s valuable, in my book.  So, read on, reader, if you dare…

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