Wednesday, May 21, 2014

7 thoughts on moving

1. Moving sucks.  I forgot how much.  And that was with Mike doing tons of the yucky stuff I usually had to help do (changing utilities to new address, moving the heavy stuff, etc....)

2. Moving is exhilarating.  I love purging stuff (post coming on my love-hate relationship with stuff, in case you care), and it's fun to have a reason to redesign and rethink your room arrangements.

3. I really hate it when I can't find my lip balm.

4. The definition of living like an animal? Having to live without a nightstand. I might as well be an animal.  Sigh....

5.  Apartment designers must not have to live in their designs.  Otherwise they surely wouldn't place doors and windows in such a way that there is no way to arrange furniture in a normal, human, livable fashion.  That's it.  Apartment designers are animals.  Or maybe from Mars. Or Martian animals.

6.  I really really hate it when I can't find my lip balm.

7.  Did I mention I can't find my lip balm?

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