Thursday, August 28, 2014

Inspired by nature...

I've been struggling with fashion inspiration (hence blog inspiration) this late summer.  If I remember right, I always seem to falter a bit this time of year - you've worn all your summer things ALL summer long already, there aren't new summer things to buy (or why buy them when you're about to enter frozen tundra season?) and it's too hot to wear the fall things you're starting to crave.  

After a family trip to an incredible aquarium last week, I am once again inspired (as I always am there) to try to imitate the gorgeous design in nature.  I would love to design fabric patterns based on designs seen on aquatic life, but since I'm not exactly a fabric designer (nor is anyone knocking down my door to become one), I thought I would focus on some of the amazing color combinations I found.  THIS I can handle.

I'm testing some new clothing layouts using a different application, so hopefully this will work!

Inspiration: Taupe, gray, brown, black and teal


Inspiration: Warm brown, black, red and yellow


Inspiration: Sparkly gold, gray and reddish orange



Inspiration: Yellow, black and tiffany blue (the inspiration photo doesn't show all of the colors) AND pattern mixing of spots and stripes


Inspiration: Yellow, black and blue (blue not shown on photo, sorry!)


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