Wednesday, August 13, 2014

FASHION GOALS: Fall trends (and breaking a fashion rut)

red blazer/large bag/envelope clutch/stripe sweater/dress/black pant/gray pant/black oxford/skirt/brown sweater/zebra shoes

I just received my fall fashion issue of InStyle.  You know, the fat, yummy one that makes your day when it comes?  It was just the right timing, since I'm working on setting my fall fashion goals to get out of my blazer and pencil skirt fashion rut.  So, these are the styles I'm planning to try out that InStyle says will be big this fall:

-Minimalist/mod style
-Long skirts (tailored, not maxi)
-Animal print
-Oxford shoes
-Sporty pants
-Chunky/patterned sweaters

I have one more to add, just for me personally (so it doesn't have the InStyle stamp of approval...): pleated skirts (probably knee length, maybe I'll be brave and try a midi, but midi length is usually not kind to us shorties).

Here are some lovely layouts illustrating some options of the trends above:

Minimalist/mod and long skirts: I'm most excited about the minimalist/mod trend.  I know I already have some items that might work for this trend, and it's always fun reworking your own closet, plus it's easy to find vintage thrifted items that might work with this.  Yay!  Thrift shopping fun awaits me.  Long skirts were mentioned by InStyle, but perhaps it's a bit ahead of the trend, since I really didn't even find much to put in the layout that fit the tailored style.  We'll see how this one turns out!


Oxford shoes and animal print: I had a pair of big-soled (Doc Martens inspired) oxford shoes that I wore to death back in the late 90s.  I'm totally ready to re-rock a pair with a scaled-down sole.  As far as animal print goes, I've tried a few basics (leopard scarf and shoes), but maybe it's time to try a project with my leopard and zebra print fabric (passed on from a friend).  


Sporty pants: These have been on my list for a while.  I've got one capri pair I've loved this summer, now I'm thinking I need to be sure to use my patterned pair (this post), and I'm planning to invest in this pair soon (or maybe this similar pair that's on sale).  Both are shown in the layout below.


Chunky/patterned sweaters: This is the scariest one for me.  Thick knits are not your friend when you're top heavy.  Even some heavy sweaters the models wore while I looked online were not flattering.  Plus, I'm not planning to be in a winter climate this year (or ever again, hopefully!).  But, I'm thinking I can find a thinner sweater with some texture that might work.


Pleated skirts:  I've been wanting one of these for a while.  I should have ordered one of those Audrey recommended a while back on her blog, but I missed out.  Here are some pretty options for you to consider!  


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