Sunday, August 3, 2014

SUMMER TRAVEL WARDROBE: 8 pieces of clothing, at least 30 outfits

I hope you like this one, because it really took a long time to create.  (How's that for putting on a guilt trip right away?)  I think it's worth it, though.  Here's why...  Although these items aren't exactly the items I wore, they are based on similar items worn in my outfit posts (I'll include the photos and links to those posts below), so I already own, like and wear these items.  Now, when I go to pack for my next weekend getaway this summer, I'll have my packing list already made!  All I need to do is add a swimsuit, underthings and beauty stuff, and I'm ready to go.  And, all this will easily pack in one bag (as opposed to the enormous suitcase I usually bring, yet I still have trouble finding things that work together).  

So here's the whole capsule wardrobe, then how you would use each top with a different layering option to create different outfits with that top and one of the bottoms.  Hope it makes sense!  This is only a sampling - I didn't include every variation (for example, the button-up top isn't shown with the sandals, only the flats, nor is it shown with the white blazer).  I bet you can come up with even better ideas!

I plan to do a capsule wardrobe early fall pretty soon, so if you have any suggestions, or things you'd like to see done differently, speak up!  I'd love the feedback.  It's nice to be helpful to more than just yourself...

One last note.  I am including shopping links, but they may not be for exactly the item pictured.  I had to choose items for these photo layouts based on how the picture was set up so it would look nice in the collage, so some of the items are a bit out of my normal price range.  (I'm guessing few of my readers would be interested in buying $695 Chloe leopard flats (?), so I'll link to a lower priced brand, but that was the best photo for my collage...)

Total items: 8 clothing items, 2 pairs of shoes, 5 accessories
Outfits 1-6 White button-up and flats:
Outfits 7-11 Peplum top & sandals:
Outfits 12-16 Peplum top & flats:
Outfits 17-23 Pink top & flats:
Outfits 24-30 Pink top & sandals:
Shopping links:

Recent outfits using (mostly) this formula:

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