Thursday, August 7, 2014

OUTFIT: Summer basics

Does this qualify for a blog-worthy outfit?  Well, probably not on a proper fashion blog, but this is my design blog.  And, in my real life, in the hot summer, I really wear shorts and a tee shirt.  Over and over.  I struggle with making that formula look cute, just like anyone else.  And, I fail - a lot.  But, I thought I would include this outfit because it proved (to me, anyway), that with a simple, comfortable addition of a small necklace, (and maybe upping the style ante with cute platform sandals instead of the quintessential flip flops), one can look cute, comfy and ready for whatever the mom day calls for.

I would love to be one of those always dressed up cuties, wearing jeans and a button-down in the middle of summer, but this is my real life, and I don't want to wear that (all the time, anyway). I want to play with my son and look appropriate for the weather and area where I live.  So, I'll continue to check out those fashiony blogs, like everyone else, but I'll still wear what real people wear in my Midwest small city - hopefully with an extra touch of style gleaned from those other (real) fashion blogs...

Activity: Errands with my mom and my son

Shirt: Banana Republic Factory (similar)
Shorts: Old Navy (similar)
Shoes: Michael Kors via ebay (similar)
Earrings: ebay (similar)
Necklace & pendant via ebay (similar)
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs via Nordstrom rack (similar)

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