Tuesday, April 1, 2014

HOME STAGING: Adjusting artwork to sell your home

We worked hard to get a fun photo wall set up for our living room.  Every picture was a personal memory.  However, I had heard it was better to make things more neutral for home buyers, so they could see THEMSELVES in your home, not you, and our realtor confirmed this.  (She said buyers just spend the time looking at your photos to see if they know you rather than focusing on your home.)  So, we decided to make some quick and cheap adjustments (our specialty, right?).  I think it turned out pretty well!

It's hard to tell, but all the pictures are family pictures of people.  It's a nice arrangement, but the portrait photos needed to be changed.

I bought scrapbook paper (59 cents a sheet at Michael's) in several prints and replaced all the close-up pictures.  I left the snapshots where you couldn't really see us (distance shots), and the newborn pictures of Gavin.



I also changed out some of our hallway snapshots for architecture photos (my hobby), some postcards I had bought on a long ago vacation and more of the same scrapbook paper.  Looks nice, but less personal.  Still cheap!

Didn't grab before shots.  Oops.

AFTER (Hallway):

AFTER: (Gavin's room)

UPDATE:  Just to show that this method must have worked at least a little, after two weeks of being on the market, we have an approved offer for almost our asking price (which we raised above our actual goal just to give some wiggle room for a buyer's offer - so we got above our actual goal price!).  So, worth a try if your home is on the market or will be soon...

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