Thursday, April 10, 2014

REPURPOSE: Changing table to entertainment/workout gear shelf

As I've stated plenty of times before, I like to use what's on hand.  It saves time and money shopping, and it fits my habit of organizing or decorating on a whim, so I can just do what I want right away, without waiting to go buy something at the store (Guess I have a problem with delayed gratification?).  While that may sound obvious, it can be a useful habit.  I'll give you an example.  

We've been planning to try to sell the house and move long-distance for several years, so it's always a big deal for us to buy a new furniture item.  Is this something we want to store or move cross-country?  If not, we try not to buy it and just make do with what we have.

That's the beauty of this little change.  I was going to just sell the changing table (probably for $10 whole dollars) on Craig's list right away, but one day I was eyeing the shelf that held our entertainment/workout items in our workout room, and decided that I needed that shelf for my office - like right now.  So, I quickly needed to find something to replace that shelf to hold our DVD player, videos, weights, etc.  I didn't want to buy something, so I set out on a search for something that would work.  Lo and behold, the changing table (which was clogging up our storage area) works just fine in the workout room.  Here's the beauty of it... wait for it...  I can STILL sell the changing table when it's time to move, and I don't have another item of furniture I need to move or store, but I have a useful shelf to use now.  Even if it gets busy at moving time and I don't have time to sell this shelf and I just donate it (never a bad thing anyway), I'll still be ahead of the game.  I got a shelf to use when I needed it, for free, so I got my use out of it either way!

I know, I get excited about weird stuff....  Bear with me.

Storage boxes from Walmart (on clearance, even) (similar, this would work well, other option) ended up fitting perfectly on the shelves below the changing area.  That held diapers, supplies and blankets while I needed them.

I repurposed some metal filing cabinet bins (similarsimilarsimilar) on the bottom shelf to hold workout clothes - one for Mike and one for me.  Later I plan to use those bins in Gavin's room for storage.  I may custom build a storage unit that will fit these bins along with other storage bins. (Don't worry, OF COURSE I would blog it...)

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