Monday, April 7, 2014

FASHION GOALS: Trying new things

(I had a big home project tutorial planned for today, but on review of my posts last week, they were a bit heavy on the home staging front, so I decided to lighten up a bit today.  Not everyone is in the middle of selling their home!)

After reviewing my recent outfit posts (including many I decided not to post - humbling, but good feedback), I decided that I need to set some fashion goals to prevent falling back into my current fashion rut.  Stripes, anyone?  Dark colors and pencil skirts?  Oh yes, that's me all over.  And over and over.

So, here I lay out my goals for this spring season.  Hopefully I can get some new pieces, but in any case, I believe I can create lighter, brighter looks that stretch out of my comfort zone from clothes I already own.  We shall see. I'll reevaluate in a couple of weeks and let you know how I'm doing.  You might be able to see some progress in upcoming outfit pics (I hope!).

1. Buy and/or wear PASTELS, especially mint
2. Buy and wear FLORALS (Don't own any, so will have to purchase something)
4. Buy and wear NUDE SHOES 

Here are some examples I'm pondering buying and wearing:

This would be fun for early spring: 
Salmon/pink quilted vest

This is definitely on my radar.  Need to retire (or at least rest) my brown leather blazer:
White zip "leather" jacket

This is one of those "scuba" tops.  Did I miss that trend, or can I still jump on?
Pink top

This is another GORGEOUS top option, although a bit more aspirational than my budget.  Yummy:
Pink peplum top

This is my FAVORITE color of all time (or at the moment):
Turquoise tee

This will probably never get worn by me (too many stain possibilities for a messy mom and even messier son), but would be adorable:
White capris

Cute option:
Salmon capris

Skirt options:
White pencil skirt (Maybe I could try this??  I already own this skirt in many colors.  It is actually washable, whatever the tag says)

Light blue pleated skirt (Super scary choice for me. Would need to try this on to see how it works for my body type)

I actually just bought this floral scarf (with MINT) today, so 2 of my boxes are checked off.  I never shopped at this store before, but happened to walk by the perfect scarf on the mannequin in the window.  It was the last one, but I nabbed it! It's on sale online, too. (exact)

Other floral options:
Floral scarf in blue tones
White background floral scarf
Floral swimsuit
Graphic floral skirt
Floral jeans
Subtle floral jeans

Look what ideas J. Crew already had! Check out the 4th option down... Other views: Casual

Just need to try to re-create these looks with my own blazer.  Here are some options if you don't have one yet:
Splurge (on sale)
Super splurge

I love how Kendi has been styling her nude Seychelles wedges (here ).  I need to look for a similar pair with a slightly lower heel (I chase a toddler around all day).  I do want a closed toe pair like hers, though, to give me more seasons in which to wear these shoes.

Super similar or identical closed toe ankle strap option
Fun suede closed toe with bow
Simple wedge
Looks comfy wedge
Open toe option
Another open toe option with ankle strap

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