Thursday, April 3, 2014


There's never enough storage for kid stuff, is there?  We tried several methods, including some low decorative-ish storage bins under the couch, but it still looked cluttered.  Here's how we cleaned out the clutter while still keeping Gavin's Duplos close at hand....

See the green bins?  Those were full of Duplos.  Looked pretty bad...  So much for the clean-lined couch we waited so long to be able to get.


No more clutter under the couch!

Clean lined leather ottoman with top that converts to a tray for serving, if needed.  Plus it added an accent color to the room, which we had been wanting to do. (From

Inside - ALL the Duplos in one box now, not in 3 different smaller ones.  Easier to play with, and much better looking.

The other toys in the bins (wooden train tracks, Matchbox cars, etc.) went into other bins in Gavin's room.  Another post on kid room storage coming later.

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