Wednesday, April 16, 2014

OUTFIT: Primary polka dots and stripes

Please forgive the wrinkled looks (clothes and face). Sunday was a bit of a crazy day, so I had to recreate the look at bedtime after wearing these clothes to our meeting for worship, rolling them up in my bag while we had a casual dinner at a friend's home, then re-donning the same wrinkled clothes (with some fresh lipstick) to try to get outfit snaps at 10 pm.  So, mercy appreciated!

I thought I liked how the jacket's scoop neck allowed the shirts ruffled collar to be pulled out above the jacket, but maybe it's a bit, too...  Elizabean?  (You know, the era where they wore those funny ruffled collars?)  However, I DO like the stripes and polka dots paired together.  

I was going to try my white blazer with this top, per my fashion goals (see this post), but the polka dots were much more cream-colored than the blazer, so I tried this cream and blue striped linen jacket instead.  Not exactly pastels, but no black in sight!

Outfit details after pictures.

Skirt: J. Crew (exact in current colors)
Earrings: gift (similar, similar, gorgeous)

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