Tuesday, April 29, 2014

FASHION GOALS: My coveted pieces for warmer weather

Especially when you shop secondhand, but really however you shop, you need some goals to guide your choices.  There are so many things to search for, and don't we all end up with our favorite thing to shop for that we probably have too many of already?  (Blazers and high heels, for me).  

So, here are my goals for this spring shopping season:

1. Nude wedge heels - I actually just found these via ebay!  Just arrived and I can't wait to style them.  (Some unexpected, cruelly disappointing spring snow has delayed my plans!)  I have nude/cognac sandals, but in Wisconsin you get more use out of closed toe shoes, so I've been looking for these for a while.

My new shoes:

SUPER cute flats with ankle strap
Ankle strap wedge
Adorable nude suede with black bow

2.  Navy closed toe shoes.  Can never find these, but would be a great addition to my closet!  Say it with me, no more black shoes.  I have too many of those already....

3. Light colored pants or skirts.  Hard to do my light, bright goals without any bottoms that meet that criteria.

4. White pants.  Maybe?  These are a challenge to find because mostly they are too see-through to be worn without undergarment viewage (the official term).  But, think I might be ready to try!  Love all the looks I've been seeing by J, Audrey and Kendi.

Cropped, on sale
Cream jeans, on sale

5.  Cream or light camel leather jacket.  So want this.  It's a bit of a splurge type piece, so want to find a real leather one I really like and can invest in for the long term.  (Not a big fan of faux leather, but maybe I need to branch out?)  Here are some possibilities.  All are under $250, the faux options are all $75 or less.

Faux leather moto on sale
Super clean lined faux zip jacket
Clean lined camel faux on sale
Sanctuary leather on sale
White moto leather on sale

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