Friday, April 4, 2014

WHAT I WORE: Pattern Mixing

Just another outfit post.  I don't mix patterns often, but I did like how this turned out (the outfit, not really the pictures... Even goofier pics than the last one.)  And the background - going for rough glamour (see Kendi) but not achieved.  At least it's good for a laugh, right?  Anyway, laugh away.    

Tiptoes?  Not sure why...  Sigh.

Leather blazer: thrifted (save, splurge)
Tee: LOFT outlet (similarsimilar)
Skirt: Athleta, old (tell them to bring back the pencil skirt!) (savesimilarsimilarsplurge)
Shoes: Gabriella Rocha via ebay (save, splurge, aspirationalcute option without tights)
(You can't tell, but they are navy leather flats with a patent leather ankle strap.  I know it's late to wear dark tights, but it was only 40 some degrees on this day and I was outside walking.  No fashion victims here!)
Scarf: Old Navy (sold out: save, splurge, aspirational)

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