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Early fall packing list - Over 60 outfits from 22 pieces (including accessories!)

PLANNED fall trip packing plan - for cool weather:

Packing for travel in the fall can be tricky, since the weather can vary wildly (at least here in the Midwest).  The above photo and layout show what I PLANNED to bring to my anniversary trip to Chicago.  That was when the forecast predicted cool weather with highs in the 60s.  Closer to the trip, however, the predictions were for temperatures near 80.  Big difference!  So, I reworked my travel wardrobe to include some warmer weather options, including some sandals.  And overall, it really worked (except I recommend you choose broken in, comfortable shoe choices, unlike me - see this post).

Here's a look at what I ended up bringing (or close equivalents via ShopStyle layouts), and over 50 different ways to rework these 22 items.  (That total includes accessories, but not undies, socks, etc.)

OVERALL PACKING LIST (other than undies, socks, nightclothes, workout clothes, etc):

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Barbara Bui, Merona, Old Navy


Packing List
1 dress - Red/white stripe cotton T-shirt dress
4 tops - navy peplum, black/white space-dye, graphic tee, black linen tank
2 layering shirts - red plaid, chambray
1 denim jacket*
1 cargo vest
3 pants - skinny jeans, white cropped jeans, charcoal sporty pants
1 skirt 
2 shoes - silver oxfords, red sandals
2 scarves - blue/red plaid, black/white bandanna print
1 bag
1 watch
1 pair earrings
1 statement necklace
1 pair sunglasses (Ok, those don't really count as a packing item but they looked great in the layouts...)

*The denim jacket may seem really similar to the chambray shirt.  Normally I wouldn't pack both items, but the weather was really changeable and the chambray shirt wasn't going to be warm enough, I needed the option of the warmer jacket also.  You could swap the denim out for a black denim jacket or black dressy sweatshirt for something more distinct.

Below are some of the outfits I came up with using this packing list.  There could be many more, since I didn't include every possible option. You could also add a pair of shorts for even more warm weather outfit options. (I personally prefer to wear skirts or cropped pants for summer in the city unless it's boiling hot - I don't like sitting on public chairs, benches, bus seats, etc. with bare thighs.  Ew.  Just me.)

You'll see some layouts include more than one outfit option within the grouping.  I've based each set on one basic piece - the dress, the skirt, the jeans, the cropped pants, the sporty pants - then added various top and accessory options with that piece.  I definitely didn't include every variation, so you may come up with some even better ideas with these pieces!

OUTFITS 1,2 Based on the dress. (1. Dress alone.  2. Dress and vest.):

OUTFITS 3-6 Dress (3. Dress alone.  4. Dress and scarf.  5. Dress and jacket.  6. Dress, scarf and jacket. By switching the jacket for the red plaid shirt, you could completely change the look, also.)

OUTFIT 7-11 Dress (7. Dress with the shirt open like a jacket.  8. Dress and open shirt with scarf.  9.  Dress with shirt tied at the waist.  10. Dress with shirt tied at waist with scarf. 11. Dress with shirt worn buttoned and shirttails tied together in a knot.) 

OUTFITS 12-17 Jeans (12. Jeans and blue top.  13. Jeans and blue top with blue scarf. 14. Jeans and black top. 15. Jeans and black top and white scarf. 16. Jeans and blue top and white scarf. 17. Jeans and black top and blue scarf. You could also swap out the sandals for the oxfords.)

OUTFITS 18-25 Jeans (18. Jeans and graphic tee. 19. Jeans, graphic tee and scarf. 20. Jeans, graphic tee and vest. 21. Jeans, graphic tee, vest and scarf. 22. Jeans and spacedye tee.  23. Jeans, space dye tee and scarf. 24. Jeans, space dye tee, vest 25. Jeans, space dye tee, vest and scarf.  You could add even more looks by rolling up the jeans.  You could also swap out the oxfords for the sandals, or change out the vest for the plaid shirt.)

OUTFITS 26-38 Cropped pants (26. Cropped pants and blue top with necklace. 27. Cropped pants, blue top, necklace and jacket.
28. Cropped pants, blue top and scarf. 29.  Cropped pants, blue top, scarf and jacket. 30.  Cropped pants and graphic tee.  31.  Cropped pants, graphic tee and jacket with necklace. 32. Cropped pants, graphic tee and scarf. 33. Cropped pants, graphic tee, scarf and jacket. 34.  Cropped pants and space dye tee with necklace. 35. Cropped pants and space dye tee with scarf. 36. Cropped pants and space dye tee with jacket. 37. Cropped pants and space dye tee with necklace and jacket. 38. Cropped pants and space dye tee with scarf and jacket.  You could also swap in the red sandals with any of these looks, and play with front tucking of the space dye tee to vary the looks.  You could button the jacket up to resemble a top and wear the necklace to give a different look. You could also switch the jacket for the vest with the graphic or space dye tees, with or without the necklace or scarf. If you added one more pair of shoes to the packing list, a sexy black pointy toe heel, you could get even more evening looks with these items.)

OUTFITS 39-42 Sporty Pants (39. Sporty pant and graphic tee. 40. Sporty pant and graphic tee with plaid shirt. 41. Sporty pant and space dye tee. 42. Sporty pant and space dye tee with plaid shirt.  By adding the necklace to either of these looks, you would change the feel completely.  And how great would the necklace and those additional pointy toe black heels look with either of these tees and pants?  You could switch to the sandals, as well, for a completely different attitude - especially if you tied that plaid shirt around your waist.)

OUTFITS 43-53 Cobalt Skirt (43. Cobalt skirt and navy top with necklace. 44. Cobalt skirt and navy top with scarf. 45. Cobalt skirt and navy top with necklace and jacket. 46. Cobalt skirt and navy top with scarf and jacket. 47. Cobalt skirt and front-tucked graphic tee, with or without necklace. 48. Cobalt skirt and front-tucked graphic tee, with scarf. 49. Cobalt skirt and graphic tee with jacket, with or without necklace. Cobalt skirt and graphic tee with jacket, with or without scarf. 50. Cobalt skirt and space dye tee with or without necklace. 51. Cobalt skirt and space dye tee with scarf. 52. Cobalt skirt and space dye tee with jacket, with or without necklace. 53. Cobalt skirt and space dye tee with jacket and scarf.  54. Cobalt skirt and black tank, with or without necklace. 55. Cobalt skirt and black tank with scarf. 56. Cobalt skirt and black tank with jacket, with or without necklace. 57. Cobalt skirt and black tank with scarf and jacket. You could also use the cargo vest with either the graphic or space dye tee, which would add several more looks. If the weather is quite warm, the chambray shirt can stand in for the jacket as a lighter layer in the evening.)

OUTFITS 54-63 Cobalt Skirt (54. Cobalt skirt and black tank, with or without necklace.  55. Cobalt skirt and black tank with scarf. 56.Cobalt skirt and black tank with plaid shirt, with or without scarf. 57. Cobalt skirt and graphic tee, with or without necklace.  58. Cobalt skirt and graphic tee with scarf. 59. Cobalt skirt and graphic tee with plaid shirt and necklace or scarf. 60. Cobalt skirt and peplum tee, with or without necklace.  61. Cobalt skirt and space dye tee, with or without necklace. 62. Cobalt skirt and space dye tee with scarf. 63. Cobalt skirt and space dye tee with plaid shirt and either necklace or scarf.  64. Cobalt skirt and plaid shirt.  Plaid shirt could be worn open, buttoned, tied around the waist, buttoned down and tied together at the waist with any of these looks to give even more variety.)  

So, this is how I successfully packed for a short(ish) trip away in variable weather.  I'll post a cooler weather fall packing list soon.  I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

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