Thursday, October 30, 2014

SNEAKY STORAGE: Puzzle roundup

Moving is crazy, stressful, annoying, BUT, it does have the benefit of forcing you to examine exactly what you own and perhaps even why.  With an added bonus of "Is this worth transporting?", it'll have you purging your possessions like a house afire.  

However, we also knew that we couldn't get rid of too many toys at once without freaking Gavin out.  He's pretty flexible, but wondering where all his toys went would not make for a smooth transition when we left our home state for a completely new environment.  

Hence, a sneaky storage solution.  Puzzle boxes drive me crazy because 1) they always break and 2) they are so bulky to store.  Gavin had an entire bin basically filled with just 4 puzzles stored in boxes.  After I transferred the pieces for each puzzle to its own labeled plastic ziplock bag, with the flat cover of the puzzle included for reference, two-thirds of the bin became available for storing other toys.  

Not exactly rocket science, but I sure wish I'd thought of it earlier!  Give it a try...



And here's a better view of how easily the puzzles are identified (although harder to tell how much bin space was saved):

I labeled the plastic bag so that we wouldn't accidentally throw the storage bag away while we were doing the puzzle.  I've been known to do that...

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