Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall cravings.... What I'm adding to my cart this fall.

Fall and shopping, to me they just go together.  Maybe it's the many years of back-to-school shopping?  But I haven't been a student for, well, lots and lots of years.  So, I'm not sure why I get this intense craving each fall to go shopping.  This year I've so far resisted, since I was busy getting rid of clothes, not adding to them.  But, now that we're getting settled, and I'm still purging from my closet, I have had my eye on a few things that could fill in the gaps.  

Is that hat not the cutest?  This would be the least practical for me, since I couldn't wear this style of hat except during my most casual days, and never in my volunteer ministry.  Not to mention my hair makes it a challenge to avoid "below-hat pouf".  But, at this price, I'm considering it.  I've been wanting this particular plaid for a while, and the hat is an unexpected touch, rather than the usual plaid flannel shirt.  Maybe....

The blanket scarf is also adorable, but since I already have SO many scarves, I may just see if I have anything similar, or even just make my own from a slightly lighter fabric, since I'm now in a much warmer climate.  We'll see.

The wedge shoes are just a matter of time.  After the shoe/foot debacle of the 15th anniversary (this post), I've realized that I don't need more shoes, but better shoes.  I've tried these on in-store, and know exactly how comfortable they are.  Pluse, these will be wearable 3 seasons a year and will get worn ALL the time.  The cost-per-wear will be minimal, even though the initial cost is a bit higher (although I found them new with tags for $50 less than most sites and stores on ebay.  Hopefully they'll still be there when I'm ready to pull the trigger.) And even though these aren't a current trend, for me, it's a classic that I'll never give up, no matter what's considered in style.  At 5'2", I'm always going to want something cute and comfortable in a wedge heel.  And while I have sandals that meet this criteria, closed toe shoes are another matter.

The ankle boots are so cute, and actually comfortable (as opposed to my current pair, which will be donated if I get these).  Another thing I realized from the shoe debacle of 2014 (as I'm now calling it), is that I need to try on shoes in person before buying them - at least for the big ticket, basic pairs I'll wear over and over again.  I tried these boots on in-store and so I know my exact size.  Now it's just a matter of making sure I truly need an ankle boot in my basic shoe wardrobe (because of being in a warmer climate now), and then finding the best price.  These run pretty much the same price in store and online, so I'll just see if I can watch for a site-wide sale.  

So, that's my list.  I'm really trying to hone it down to the essentials and do more with less clothing.  What's on your list?

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