Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Why I love my mama

I haven't mentioned it that much on the blog, although it will become obvious soon, when my outfit photos have a completely different setting (that is, when I actually wear an outfit worth blogging and have time to take a photo of it), but my family just left my birthplace state of Wisconsin and started an adventurous journey.  We will be living in the Dallas, Texas area for 3 months, then moving on to... who knows? And so on, for the next year or so, while my husband travels for work.

Obviously, this is a big change for our family.  The move was relatively complicated, since we had just moved from our home of 7 years into an apartment with a short-term lease a few months ago, and our things were already in storage and stuffed in the apartment, to be sorted for more storage, sold, donated or to be packed in the cars to travel with us.  

Side note: Have you ever thought of what things you would absolutely pick to take with you to live indefinitely, if everything you brought had to fit in your vehicle?  Interesting question.  (And a whole other blog post topic someday, I'm sure...)  

Anyway, I finally got through those decisions last week, and have finally arrived in our new (temporary) home.  I could NOT have gotten everything done without my mom.  So here is my ode to her and all her help.  I love her so much, and will miss her.  (I finally got her to move back to my state, then I move away from her...  Sorry, mom!)

Why I love my mom:

1. We drive each other crazy sometimes, but she's ALWAYS there for me. 

2. When I'm feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start (painting a wall, packing a kitchen.... the list goes on), she just dives in and helps me overcome my indecision.

3. She is always willing to help, both me and others.

4. She's not afraid of hard work, physical or emotional.

5. She's a truly positive person (annoyingly at times, I must admit), a rarity in these times.

6. She truly believes in me.  It's corny, but she is the "wind beneath my wings".

I could go on and on.  Love you, Mom.

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