Monday, November 17, 2014

OUTFIT: Gray and maroon (and how to wear a large square silk scarf)

Activity: Volunteer ministry

Scarf: thrifted (similar, similar)
Sweater: thrifted (similar)
Tee: Lands' End (exact)
Skirt: Athleta (similar)
Tights: Target (similar)
Boots: Calvin Klein via ebay (similar)
Sunglasses: Ralph by Ralph Lauren (exact)

Haven't we all found a gorgeous silk scarf - at a resale shop, in our mom or grandma's closet, or even in our own closet - that we wonder what to do with?  I found this lovely Liberty silk scarf at a resale shop some time ago, yet I haven't worn it much.  The silk feels so fancy, and the square shape looks great when laid out flat to look at, but is hard for me to style.  At 36" square, it's not big enough to do a blanket-style wrap (post on that style of wrap coming soon!), but too big and too square to do some of my other treatments that work with a smaller or rectangular scarf.  But, the colors of this scarf are so perfect for the season and my fashion inclinations right now, I thought I had to try wearing it.  This is just a simple "bib" tie - fold the scarf in half into a triangular shape, then tie the two ends together around your neck.  Because it's not a bulky fabric, it drapes into a nice shape that doesn't get in your way like a thicker, less drapey fabric would.  (Full disclosure: I think I wore this "bib" shape scarf in the 80s with the then-hot rayon plaid square with the fringed ends all around.  Guess I thought enough time had gone by to erase that fashion sin and try that scarf-tying method again...  Was I wrong?  Forgive me.)

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