Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TUTORIAL: From socks to handwarmers

I haven't done a tutorial in a while.  Mostly because I've been moving and haven't had time to DO any projects.  Now that we're mostly settled (for the moment), I got 2 projects off my to-do list (and out of my sewing projects bin!).  Here's the first project - hope you like it!

I had some tall Smartwool socks I loved that held up really well, except for some almost holes at the bottom.  The print was so cute, and the wool such good quality, I really hated to throw away the whole sock because of a small issue with the bottom of the sole.  So, once I finally pried them out of my sock drawer (so I would actually stop wearing them), I tried to think of a way to repurpose the perfectly good parts.  

Handwarmers!  I saw a blog post (here) where someone had some leather "sleeves" you could add to the wrists of your top to add interest.  I thought that would work here, with the added bonus of being able to pull these knit "sleeves" down your hands to use as fingerless gloves.  If you're interested, here are the steps.  It's a less than one hour project, requiring very few sewing skills.

Alternative uses: 
-These could be attached to the sleeves of a 3/4 sleeve tee to make it more fall/winter appropriate.
-Leg warmers (less bulky than the regular type, depending on the look you want)
-Cut these off shorter before finishing the edge and they could be boot toppers (like this)

Tall pair of socks
Coordinating thread
Sewing machine


Cute stripe, right?

But, these needed help!


1. Cut the feet off the socks.  I wanted my "sleeve"/handwarmers as long as possible, so I cut as close to the ankle as possible.  If you want a shorter pair, cut accordingly.

2. Sew along the cut edge.  I didn't bother to roll the edge over and make a real hemmed edge, I just sewed along the edge as if I was using a serger.  My goal was just to prevent unraveling, and I didn't mind the rough look of the edge.  You could make it look prettier, if you like, by folding the unfinished edge under and sewing over both layers, as in a normal hemmed edge.

3. This is how it will look when you're done (if you do it my sloppy way).  Again, I didn't mind having a serger-like edge, I plan to scrunch it under anyway.

4. Slip them on with the sewed edge toward your elbow and the former top of the sock on your hand.  Scrunch as desired.  Voila!

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