Thursday, November 6, 2014

OUTFIT MISTAKES: Lessons learned

So, remember the two variations of my white tee and sporty pant outfit that I shared earlier in the week? (Tuesday's post and yesterday's post, photos below).  Well, there were a few more versions that did not work.  Oh, no... they did not.  For the sake of other fashion lovers, I'm willing to share my humiliating "Don't" photos to share the lessons learned.  Please be kind....


(Even beyond the cheesy photos)

Why didn't these outfits work?  

1. Flats.  At my height (and width), I really need the heels to balance things out with this silhouette of the wider top pants.  I think the pop of color in the heels also helped the overall "Do" outfits.  Perhaps a bright flat could have helped some in the "Don't" outfits, but I really think a heel was needed.  Lesson: Sometimes you just need a heel to complete an outfit.

2. Proportion.  In the chambray shirt version, the top is just too long to be flattering with these pants.  Perhaps with skinny jeans or leggings it would look okay, but not with these pants.  The same could be said of the green sweater version.  Lesson: Hem length matters, especially if you're not tall to start with.  

3. Style.  The rustic moccasins are just too different from the urban sporty pants and sleek satchel.  It's not a cohesive look.  Skinny jeans (and a different bag) would have fixed the issues.  Lesson: Make sure the overall style of your look is supported by your accessories.

4. Styling details.  The chambray shirt could have been at least improved upon by better cuff rolling and probably buttoning and half-tucking the front.  Lesson: Little details can make a big difference.

Any tips you'd like to share?

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