Thursday, November 27, 2014

REVIEW: Bussola Reikiavik or Roni ankle boot

When you're ready to make a bigger purchase, isn't it great to feel like you did your research? I found it really hard to find reviews or outfit photos of these boots, so in case you're thinking of buying ankle boots during this shopping bonanza time, here's my review of these Bussola ankle boots in the Reikiavik or Roni model (I found different sites called them different names). They can be purchased on the Nordstrom website ($134.95 with free shipping in black, gray, light brown and tan - I didn't see a sale), on Amazon ($116-$135 depending on color, only black and gray available) and (in black, gray or tan - currently the best deal at $105.95 with free shipping).

Size: True to size.  I wore my normal European size and found it fit as expected.
Color: I purchased the "Coal" color. It's a very nice dark gray suede with black leather straps.  There is a slight distressed look toward the toe, but it's very subtle.
Sole: Rubber - for comfort and safety! Much more comfortable and practical than the usual hard, slippery sole I've seen with most ankle boots.
Heel: A comfortable, low height of around an inch and a half.  Made of stacked wood (with a rubber bottom), so it's not delicate, nor is it going to slip with the rubber bottom.
Quality:  Excellent.  The zipper is strong and sturdy with a solid pull, and the suede and leather are great quality and the overall look is very high-end.
Style: Classic but stylish. The extra leather straps add a lot of extra style and make the look more versatile, especially if you choose a color where the strap is a different color (most colors except black)
Comfort:  These are actually comfortable!  There is padding inside the shoe, and the rubber bottom protects the foot.  I wore these two whole days in a row, and walked in them quite a bit, and found them very comfortable.  Finally, a company that actually makes shoes you can walk in all day.  Imagine that...
Comments:  I am SO glad I got these.  I agonized over the decision, after buying so many shoes that didn't end up being comfortable and having nothing to wear when it came time to walk a lot.  I had tried these on in store, but the store only had a size above my size, so I felt like I was taking a chance to try ordering my usual size and hoping it would fit.  It did fit as expected, and I really like the quality.  I also debated over which color to get - black or gray - but in the end, I hoped the gray with the black strap would look good (but not completely blend in) with black tights and not look so harsh with jeans.  I struggle with the ankle bootie look in general.  After putting in much mental energy trying to decide whether to get black or gray, I am happy with the gray.  It isn't quite so dark as black, but still coordinates with black because of the black straps.  I'm sure the other colors are great, too.  I just knew brown or taupe weren't quite what I was looking for.

Here's some outfit looks with the boots - I tried to pick shots that best showed the boots.   I've only had a chance to style them with pencil skirts, can't wait to wear jeans with these!

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