Friday, November 7, 2014

WHAT TO WEAR: On a rainy day city outing

Activity: Family outing to Dallas World Aquarium 
Weather: Rainy and cool, with temperatures in the 50's (Fahrenheit)

Jacket: Marmot (similar)
Top: Madewell (similar)
Tee: Lands' End (exact)
Jeans: Old Navy (exact in current washes)
Boots: Hunter via ebay (exact)
Bag: Coach (similar)

So apparently it's been dry around Dallas for a while now.  Well, it made up for it yesterday and today.  We've gotten plenty of rain, especially yesterday.  So, that made preparing an outfit for our planned outing a bit more challenging.  We also wanted to take the train, so we would be even more exposed to the elements.  Have you ever had a similar outfit challenge?

This is where you'll be glad you own a technical Gore-tex layer, like my jacket.  Don't be a silly (and wet) fashionista determined to wear your cute sweater or light colored leather jacket, or whatever other more fashionable layer you were hoping for.  You still don't have to give off "hiking the Appalachians" fashion vibe just because your outer layer is practical.  You could even do a cute trench coat, if you wanted to be more dressed up than I did.  There are various options that would all be practical and cute.  

Here are the elements of the outfit, broken down so you could adopt it to your own style and wardrobe:

1. Use a practical outer layer - Gore-tex jacket, trench coat, etc.  I try to choose those items in a somewhat classic, neutral color to make them more versatile and city-appropriate.  Plus, then it will last forever and you won't get sick of the color (mine is 10 years old).  Now they have adorable, versions of technical coats in the same fabric but a less sporty style, so you can get the best of both worlds (guess I kinda wish mine would wear out...).  

2. Plan the rest of your outfit in tones that work with the outer layer.  That will help the entire outfit to look purposeful, not as if you were forced to throw on a clashing outer layer just to be practical.  In this case, I knew the maroon top would look nice under the unzipped jacket.

3. Choose practical (but hopefully cute) footwear.  This is the time of year when I'm so glad I splurged on those cute tall rubber boots.  They come in tons of price ranges and styles, and you  might be amazed how much you'll use them.  (The one caveat is that, unless you are blessed with very non-sweaty feet, you will be limited to cooler, wet days.  Get much above 60 degrees and you may be sorry.  In that case you might want to choose a  "duck shoe", or a style with a shorter, more open shaft that allows more air to the leg.  With my short legs, these boots are all the way to the knee for me.  It can get hot.)

4. Add a cross-body bag in coordinating tones.  This pulls the overall look together, and is practical for carrying your essentials while keeping your hands free.  I'm always amazed how much I can fit in this tiny one - especially with all of Gavin's snacks!

5. Keep the proportions in mind, even in a casual outfit.  Since my shirt and jacket are pretty long on me, I needed to keep the pants slimmer.  Leggings would have worked well, too.  At my height, yoga pants worn with this jacket would have looked slobbish and decidedly unsophisticated.

Happy rainy sightseeing!

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