Thursday, June 5, 2014

OUTFIT: Learning from failures (why this planned outfit had to change)

That's how the final outfit turned out.  Not bad, but a bit too formulaic (see this post, this feels a lot like that outfit, only with slightly different colors).  However, when you see how I planned this outfit, you may see why the final outcome was still a big improvement.  Now I just have to work on trying some different silhouettes in my closet.

Learn from my mistakes!  (Outfit details are at the end of the post.)

Brown eyelet jacket, peach top, emerald skirt, mint floral scarf

Ugh, obviously not flattering!

So obviously this jacket does NOTHING for me (not to mention the goofy hair options I was rocking in these photos).  The sleeves are too baggy and they end at the wrong place, plus the flared jacket makes the rest of me appear the same width as my widest part (bust), not to mention that the color is just blah.  (I will be giving this jacket away.  So, blogging has already improved my wardrobe so I can actually tell how something looks on and get rid of the unflattering items.)

Replaced blah brown jacket with a clean pop of white.  Wrinkled, but better!

This monkey came out to join in...

Jacket: Stamp 10 via ebay (similarsplurge that is on sale!)
Top: thrifted (similar, similar)
Skirt: J.Crew (exact in current colorssimilar)
Shoes: Bandolino, old (similarsimilar)
Scarf (exactsimilar)

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