Sunday, June 15, 2014

OUTFIT: White on white on white on white...)

I made goals to wear lighter and brighter outfits (see this post ) and to buy, then use my new white pants (this post and that post).  Well, you can't get any lighter or brighter than this. While I prefer darker colors (more flattering in photos, for sure), it was fun to feel glamorous as I waltzed my white outfit around.  And, I think I'll try it again.  The white jeans weren't nearly as prone to dirt as I expected, I just had to choose my venue.  Obviously I changed before watering my plants in the garden...

Activities: Family breakfast at local diner, work in the office

Tee: thrifted (similar)
Tank: via Nordstrom Rack (similar)
Jeans: thrifted and refashioned (similar)
Shoes: Michael Kors via ebay (similar)
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (savesplurge)

The reality of my outfit photo taking!!  Gavin always wants to be a part of it.... Cutie.

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