Tuesday, June 24, 2014

J. Crew Factory Reviews: Stripe square collector tee, Soleil Collector tee

J. Crew Factory has been having lots of sales, both online and in store.  My main complaint with their website is that, while the regular J. Crew site has reviews of items attached to the description for items, J. Crew Factory does not (or if it does, let me know how to find it!!).  I like reviews to know about fit, fabric and feel of items before I order.  So, maybe I'm odd, but I often Google J. Crew Factory items to see if any bloggers have posted a review. So, here's my addition to the blogosphere.  May you find it helpful!


Stripe square collector tee- When I first received this top, I thought it was great and would totally work for me.  Soft, drapey fabric, longer sleeves and a drop shoulder made it a bit unique.  But, after taking outfit photos, I decided it was so boxy that it just wasn't flattering.  Plus the box graphic made me look wider, which I don't need!  As you can see, definitely not the greatest look for me.  So, back to the store for this item.  Keep that in mind if you're a  heavier-up-top gal.  As far as fit goes, I ordered it in my regular size, and it had a relaxed fit, as seems to be meant.


REVIEW: Soleil collector tee- This one is a keeper!  Various colors to work with from the pattern, a soft, casual feel to the fabric, good sleeve length.  And, a more flattering fit and graphic than the other tee!  I ordered my regular size, and it fit as expected.  It's also not super long on me (I'm 5'2" with a short torso), which I like, but if you're taller, or have a longer torso, keep that in mind depending on the length you're looking for.

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