Sunday, June 22, 2014

FAMILY STYLE: Special convention outfits

You may have noticed (or not, probably) that I didn't post 2 days last week.  We left home Thursday for a really special annual convention from Friday to Sunday last week, and I had run out of past summer outfit drafted blogs to use (although I still have leftovers from the cold spring, if anyone is interested...), so.... na da.  Anyway, here's a quick family style post to tide you over.  (Plus, you get to see my handsome guys all dressed up.)  I will try to get some cute outfit photos this week.  Inspiration, please come to me!!

(Excuse my frizzy hair, the weather was incredibly damp and, believe it or not, I had flat ironed my hair BOTH of these days, not that you can tell by this time of day.  Ugh.)

 This was a gray oxford cloth suit from J. Crew (from this season, if you're interested) that Mike wore, but it's hard to tell in the photo.  Gavin's suit is also from J. Crew, last season.

This was a seersucker Ralph Lauren suit of Mike's from last year, but it ended up photographing the same as the gray one above.  Gavin's jacket and pants are Old Navy (jacket last year, pants this year).  I refashioned Gavin's tie from one Mike was going to donate (see Mimi's tutorial video here).  I added the gray panel to the bottom of my Boden (thrifted) dress and the neckline.  Let me know if you are interested in a tutorial on how to do that.

My handmade ties for Gavin and his buddy Mitchell (the fabric matched Mitchell's daughter's dresses).  Anyone want a tie tutorial?  I have "perfected" a lazy mom's guide to cotton ties for kids.  This was my first attempt on a man's tie, it turned out pretty well.

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